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MSM istheabbreviationformethylsulfonylmethane, whichis an organicsulfur compound. The importanceofthechemicalelementsulfur, Latinsulfur, forthe smooth runningofmetabolicprocessesis still underestimated. However, sulfuroccurs in variousforms in all human tissues and isthereforeimportantforperformance and health. Due totoday’swidespreadunhealthydiets, a sufficientsupplyofthisimportant trace elementcannotalwaysbeguaranteed in an adequatemanner. With MSM, however, a well-tolerateddietarysupplementisavailable, also in the form ofcapsulesortablets. In the MSM molecule, elementalsulfurispresent in organicform, whichis easy forthebodytoutilize; in thiscontext, one also speaksof so-calledbioavailability. MSM canthereforesupplytheorganismwithvaluable, naturalsulfuras a dietarysupplement in the form ofcapsules and tablets. Analyseshaveshownthatthe total organismof a human beinghas a sulfurcontentof 0.2 percent.

So althoughthebodyconsistsofonly a fractionofsulfur, thisquantityshould not beneglected at all. Because trace elementsarehighlyeffective and essential even in thesesmallquantities. Forexample, thebodycontainsaboutfivetimesmoresulfurthanmagnesium, and withoutmagnesiummanymetabolicprocesseswouldsimply not be possible. In themindsofmanyconsumers, thereistheideathatmagnesiumor iron, forexample, mustbesupplied in ordertoensure an adequatesupply. On theotherhand, hardlyanyonecaresabout an adequatesulfursupply; in fact, theopinionisevenspreadthatthereisenoughsulfur in ourfood, a fatal error. An additional supplyofsulfuras a dietarysupplement, also in the form of high-dosecapsulesortablets, isthereforeindicated. Unfortunately, nutritional research on sulfuris still in itsinfancy, but just recentlyithasbeenprovenbeyonddoubtthatsulfuris indispensable for a strong immune system and a perfectlycomposedbodyprotein.

In theorganism, sulfuris an indispensable buildingblockofvariousaminoacids, hormones and enzymes. The sulfur-containing vital aminoacidstaurine, methionineorcysteineare powerful antioxidants. Ifthesynthesisofthese and otheraminoacidsisnolonger possible due to a latent sulfurdeficiency, a generaldefenseweaknesscanbetheresult. As a radicalscavenger, the sulfur-containingaminoacidgluthationisconsideredoneofthestrongestantioxidantsof all. Ifsulfurislacking, thengluthationis also lackingwiththeconsequenceof a furtherweakened immune system. Sulfur deficiencyisthereforemorewidespreadthaniswidelyassumed, a substitutionwith MSM as a dietarysupplement in the form ofcapsulesortabletsisthereforeindicated. MSM isconsideredtobewelltolerated and canbetakenas a dietarysupplementover a longerperiodof time ifusedasdirected. Long-term intakeisevenrecommendedbyexperts, asthiscancompensateforsulfurdeficiencies and preventdiseasesymptomsthatcanoccuras a resultof a sulfurdeficiency. Sulfur deficienciescan manifest themselves in jointproblems, liverproblems, circulatoryproblems, anxiety, generaldejection, pale skin, dullhair, flabbyconnectivetissue, brittlefingernails, cataracts and manyothersymptoms.

Due to the variety of symptoms, a sulfur deficiency is not always directly recognizable as such. Even if direct proof of a deficiency has not yet been provided, an attempt at therapy in the form of dietary supplements as tablets or capsules makes sense. Organic sulfur as MSM can also be used for allergies, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or joint diseases. Those who suffer from allergies to food, pollen or house dust can achieve amazing results after only a short time by taking MSM as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules or tablets. Quite a few users report a significant improvement in their allergy symptoms after just a few days. It is known that the organic sulfur compound contained in MSM generally improves intestinal functions and ensures a healthier intestinal flora. In a balanced intestinal environment, pathogenic fungi and parasites do not stand a chance. MSM as a dietary supplement in the form of capsules or tablets also regulates the sensitive acid production of the gastric mucosa.

This in turn leadstoimprovedutilizationofnutrients and eliminatesmany digestive problems such asflatulence, bloatingorheartburn. Joint capsules and synovial fluid also have an increasedsulfurcontent. Ifsulfurislacking at thispoint, thebodycannolongeroronlyinsufficiently carry out thenecessaryself-repairstothejointstructures. Over theyears, thiscanresult in painfulfunctionallimitationsorstiffjoints. Especially in thecaseofdiseasesofthemusculoskeletalsystem, the additional intakeoforganicsulfur compounds in the form of MSM as a dietarysupplement in the form ofcapsulesortabletsisthereforerecommended. As earlyas 1995, a study was publishedaccordingtowhichthesulfurcontent in cartilagedamagedbyosteoarthritis was lessthanone-thirdofthesulfurconcentrationnormallyfound in healthycartilage. Taking MSM as a dietarysupplement in the form ofcapsulesortabletscantherefore also beassociatedwith a significantreduction in pain and increasedmobility. Whenbuying MSM as a dietarysupplementshouldalwayspayattentionto high productquality.